Privacy and Complaints

Feedback and Complaints

We do value your feedback, both good and bad and use it as an opportunity to review what we do and improve our processes. We seek feedback in a patient survey every 3 years to see where we are doing well or could improve.

Patients have a ‘right to complain’ and where possible patients and others are encouraged to raise any concerns directly with the health service provider initially or the Practice Manager.

The Practice Manager has the overall responsibility for ensuring that complaints are investigated and followed up. The Practice Manager can be contacted in by phone on 08 8683 0788.

We believe most complaints can be responded to and resolved at the time the patient or other people such as carers (relative, friend other consumer) makes them known to us. All other complaints will be responded to within 30 days.

If a satisfactory outcome is not achieved then you are able to call the Office of the Health Services Commissioner at GPO Box 199, Rundle Mall, Adelaide 5000 or Freecall on 1800 232 007, concerning a query or to report a complaint.

Privacy Policy

The Investigator Clinic values the privacy of our patient’s personal information. We have developed a policy to protect patient privacy in compliance with legislation.

This policy exists to provide you with information on how your personal information, including your health records, is collected and used within our clinic and the circumstances in which we may share it with third parties.

Find our Privacy Policy here