Our Fees

At Investigator Clinic we strive to provide quality healthcare to our valued patients. Our fees reflect the quality of our service and allow us to continue to maintain our clinic and medical services to the standards our patients expect. For full details on our fees and charges please refer to the following links.

Please note that as of 24th January 2022 there has been a small increase in our fees. This increase is to help offset costs associated with the demands of the COVID Pandemic and the limited government support with purchasing PPE. This will allow is to continue to provide good quality, safe services in these challenging times.

Why is there a gap?

The cost of running a quality medical practice has been steadily increasing over the years. At the same time the Medicare rebate has failed to keep pace with these increases. We encourage you read this link from the Australian Medical Association that addresses this issue. If you have any concerns about the Medicare rebate we encourage you to discuss this with your local Member of Parliament.